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Permanent Leak Repairs

A roof coating is a seamless, fully adhered, fluid-applied roofing membrane with elastic properties, allowing them to stretch and return to its original shape without damage.

Works with almost any roof type

With careful preparation and planning, roof coatings can restore almost all types of commercial roofs, including asphalt built-up, concrete, EPDM, metal, modified bitumen, TPO, and sprayed polyurethane foam.

No disruption.

Manufacturers recommend coating the entire roof instead of patching every suspected leak. Since there is no tear-off, there is no disruption inside the building.

Got Questions?
Silicone is the most commonly used flat roof coating nowadays. It's inorganic and ponding water-resistant, which makes it highly suitable for low-slope roofs.
Flat roof coatings cost between $1.75 to $3.50 per square foot for materials and labor if the contractor is within 50 miles of your location and your roof is 10,000 square feet or more. This is a rough estimate and does not include any repairs or excessive prep work required.
Acrylic roof coatings provide adequate corrosion protection, reflectivity, and elongation for metal roofs. Silicone coatings can slippery when moist and may not be suitable for steep slope roofs.
If your roof is under warranty, call the roofing company that installed it. Otherwise, call a roof coating contractor. They know what roof repair products to use that will be compatible with elastomeric roof coatings. Not having to remove these repairs in the future will save you money when it is time to restore the roof.
Unlike other coating formulations, silicone coatings don't shed. This is one of the reasons they last longer on the roof. Recoats should only be done with silicone roof coatings. Always do an adhesion test just to be sure.
Roof coatings may be used to restore aged modified bitumen membranes. A primer / bleed-blocker is recommended to improve adhesion and prevent asphalt bleed through which causes discoloration. White reflective roof coatings can significantly reduce roof temperature which can make the roof last even longer.
An elastomeric coating is a fluid-applied, seamless roofing membrane that stretches. Its ability to expand and contract with the substrate allows it to stay intact as the roof moves. Available in acrylic, butyl, polyurethane, and silicone formulations, they may be used to restore asphalt built-up, concrete, EPDM, metal, modified bitumen, TPO, and spray foam roofs.
Roof coatings! They are seamless membranes designed to be used on existing roofs to preserve and extend their useful life. You can save 50% or more compared to roof replacement.